Sunday, February 3, 2013

Catching Up

Mom is still without a real camera, which is why we have not been posting so much.  Over the past week though, I have enjoyed several short walks.  On my last one, I saw the biggest lizard I had ever seen, but I didn't catch him because of my leash.

 I have done lots of lounging in the sun.  Some days I can only stay out for a few minutes because I get hot pretty easily.

One day, there was a package in the mail.  It came from our good friend, Donna.  She sent Mom the cutest angel holding a puppy dog.  I knew that the other package was for me and tore right into it.  Donna sent me the cutest new collar.  Mom says we will share a picture of that when we borrow Grandma's camera.

And, we have had lots of these gorgeous sunsets over the past week.  I hope you are all doing well and staying warm and cozy.


  1. Now how did you get such great pictures without a proper camera? Of course, any picture of Kelsey is wonderful...don't you agree, Kelsey?

    1. Thanks. Luckily I have learned the "wait" command. If I even blink the whole picture is blurry.

  2. I think your pictures are just fine, great even. It has you in it so how can it be other wise.