Saturday, July 27, 2013

More Swimming

 Kelsey is still learning to be in her new pool.  She won't climb in by herself; but, once in, she loves to look for her Zuke's treats.

making a plan to get her cookie...Mmm that sure looks yummy!

Kelsey has also learned to blow bubbles as she "dives" for her cookie.  Her first "dive" is always a little hesitant; but, after that first one, she is always more confident.

She started in super shallow water.  As Kelsey has become more comfortable, I have added more water to her pool.

Kelsey has also been practicing jumping into her pool when it is empty.  I am hoping that this will boost her confidence.  She now jumps in very willingly when it is empty.  When we go outside, she often checks her pool for treats before exploring the yard.  And, the other afternoon, she climbed in and wanted to sunbathe in her empty pool (she did not want to come out).

 This is what Kelsey still thinks of swimming though!
I know she is starting to love it because she is getting so much more confident.  We like to keep our sessions short and relaxed.  And, I know it helps her to cool off from the So Cal sun and feel good because she is such a happy girl after her swim.  And an update...Kelsey did climb in once this week with the help of peanut butter!  It took a lot of encouragement and patience, but I saw so proud of her.  I hope we repeat that again soon.

And a final call for voting and sharing support.  There are only a few more days to get your votes in and share (if you have a place to).  Kelsey is in the Kauffman's Animal Health calendar contest on Facebook.  It is super easy...all you have to do is click HERE and "like" Kelsey's picture.  You do not have to sign up for anything or even like that page.  If you want to share it on Facebook, that would be wonderful too (or if you would like to use this picture and provide a link to the contest that is fine too).  I would love to see Kelsey's picture in that calendar.  Thank you to all of you who have already helped...we appreciate you lots!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Summer Showers

Today, we had thunder, lots of big sprinkles, and even a bit of rain (notice the rain coat).  Very unusual weather for So Cal, but Mommy loved, not so much.

I'm so confused.  It is raining in my new summer pool.  I am getting more confident with sticking my head in the water to get treats, and I willingly stepped in just the other day for a lick of peanut butter.  But, I still don't love the pool...yet.

Mom helps me practice by rewarding me with treats when I jump into the pool (without any water).  She hopes this will help me adjust better to this swimming pool thing.

Enough of the pool and the rain drops, I am out of here (notice the tongue).  

Monday, July 15, 2013

Kelsey's First Swim

 After I helped clean Bella's pool, I thought it would be fun for Kelsey to go for a swim/wade in the little pool.

Kelsey totally rocked her shades, but she didn't really care for the whole swimming part.

I even tried to get her interested by distracting her with treats.  She was very brave and learned how to put her nose in the water just a little bit to get her treat.  

And please don't forget to vote for Kelsey in Kauffman's Animal Health Calendar Contest on Facebook.  It is so simple, all you have to do is click HERE, and then "like" Kelsey's photo.  Let's see if we can get Kelsey some more votes so we can get her beautiful photo in a calendar.  Feel free to share with your friends too.  Thank you to all of you who have already submitted your vote!!!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sneak Peak

Can you guess what Kelsey did yesterday?
We will post the rest of her cute pics later.

Great news to share...Kelsey is in the finals for the Kauffman's Animal Health calendar contest (thanks to all the support from family, friends, and our blogging buddies).  There are 24 finalists.  The animal with the most votes gets to be on the cover of the calendar.  Then, the next 12 animals get to be inside the calendar.  Please take a moment to vote HERE for Kelsey.  It is the most simple contest; all you have to do is "like" her picture, and that's it!  Let's see if we can get all of Kelsey's followers (and maybe some others too) to help Kelsey out.  Thanks so much for the support.