Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kelsey Learns A Trick

Kelsey has learned a new trick-play dead.  I think she plays dead a little too happily though...notice the wagging tail.  A big thanks to Julie who recorded it for us.

On day 1, she learned the basic steps.  
On day 2, she learned the command for putting those steps together and started to understand it.  On day 3, I could see her lightbulb turning on and she nailed it several times.  The biggest hurdle was that she wanted to roll over instead of going on her side.  You see, after Kelsey learned how to roll over, she decided that she LOVES doing that.  She wants to roll over super fast for a treat...she will even do a few in a row while following that treat.  I have even seen her rolling all the way over when she plays with her toys.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I was sitting at my computer one day and almost jumped when I saw something small moving across my keyboard.  Looks like Kelsey invited one of her ladybug friends in to play...more good luck I hope.

Another day, we spotted a hawk on the wall.  It was a lot smaller than the ones we usually see around the fields...probably pretty young.  We have seen this one around before, but today it was enjoying an afternoon snack.

Kelsey was such a good and patient girl...she practiced the "wait" command long enough for me to go inside and grab the camera and then get her picture.  I was very impressed because she loves a good lizard chase.

Kelsey's lizard friend

Kelsey had a lot of fun waiting for the right moment to pounce and chase her lizard.

Just missed it!
For the record, Kelsey did catch the lizard, but apparently she practices catch and release because she let it go.  Maybe she was hoping it would come back to play again.

And our last critter...

Yes, we have had bears coming down from the foothills-most likely looking for water since we didn't have a very wet spring.  This little guy was less than 10 minutes from our home.  I know these bears live up in the mountains and we see the coyotes regularly, but I have never seen the bears come around here.  Poor baby bear looks like he just wanted to get back home.

* I did not take this photo, it was shared in a Facebook group I am in and I was given permission to share...thanks, Pearl.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Ladybug, Ladybug

OMD, I can feel something crawling on my rear!

Mom says this little critter is a ladybug and that they are great to have around, especially for our roses.  I, however, am not convinced.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Heat Wave in May?

 It was 103° here on Mother's Day.  I thought I would borrow Julie's glasses and head out for some sun, but it was just too hot.

I chilled inside, in the a/c instead.  
Can you tell how spoiled (loved) I am?  I have my very own bed, on Mom's desk, next to her computer.  I convinced Mom that I had to have a bed here to be able to help with my blog.  
I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day (moms of fur babies count too you know)!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Chilling and Some News

It's too bright, Mom!

Much better!
Our neighbor, Cindy, gave us two chairs for our patio.  I love relaxing out there in my own chair...with my shades, of course
(This was a few days ago, because the last couple of days have been gray, damp, and so much cooler...just like Mom likes).

Now I just need an ice cold lemonade.

And the big news....Kelsey won 2nd place in the Baxter Boo photo contest.  We want to thank everyone who helped out by voting and sharing!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sun and Wind

As you can tell, summer has struck already.  The neighbors' air conditioners have already been busy humming.  It's been so hot in the 90s hot.  

I don't tolerate heat too well.  I usually like lounging on the patio. But, when it gets hot, I will actually ask to go in after just a few minutes of sunshine.  But I do look cool in my summer shades.

Our roses have all gone crazy with blooms.  The other day, all the bushed were bent over and getting saggy because so many bloomed at once.

The cool thing is that we have already seen several ladybugs visiting our beautiful roses.

But, this beauty did not last long.  

We have had some really bad winds the last couple of days.  This is what we woke up to Thursday morning.  Mother Nature pruned our roses for us (although they weren't quite ready to be pruned).  I don't know if you guys know this, but we get super strong winds here.  Out here, huge trees will topple and semi-trucks can be found on their sides along the freeway.  When Mom was little, the wind even blew in a bay window at her home.  Luckily, since I am so low to the ground, I don't get blown away and end up like Toto.

Please don't forget to vote for KELSEY in the Baxter Boo photo contest.  You only need to vote once.  Make sure you submit your vote at the bottom of the voting page to make your vote count (you can opt out of their emails...they just want to make sure you only vote once for Kelsey).  A big thanks to Finn and Charley, What Remains Now, Goose, Max (Max also shared on FB!), and everyone else who has voted for Kelsey already.  We really appreciate your support.
I am not sure how much longer the contest runs...maybe a couple more days?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vote for Kelsey

Kelsey is in Baxter Boo's monthly photo contest.  Please visit BaxterBoo and put your vote in for Kelsey.  You only need to vote ONCE (this is not a come back everyday thing...just one vote).  After you select her picture, you need to make sure you SUBMIT your vote at the bottom of their page.  They want your email (so they can make sure you only vote for Kelsey once), but you can opt out of their email communications.

Thanks so much for your help.  If you have a place where you can share this, Kelsey and I would greatly appreciate your help.