Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I was sitting at my computer one day and almost jumped when I saw something small moving across my keyboard.  Looks like Kelsey invited one of her ladybug friends in to play...more good luck I hope.

Another day, we spotted a hawk on the wall.  It was a lot smaller than the ones we usually see around the fields...probably pretty young.  We have seen this one around before, but today it was enjoying an afternoon snack.

Kelsey was such a good and patient girl...she practiced the "wait" command long enough for me to go inside and grab the camera and then get her picture.  I was very impressed because she loves a good lizard chase.

Kelsey's lizard friend

Kelsey had a lot of fun waiting for the right moment to pounce and chase her lizard.

Just missed it!
For the record, Kelsey did catch the lizard, but apparently she practices catch and release because she let it go.  Maybe she was hoping it would come back to play again.

And our last critter...

Yes, we have had bears coming down from the foothills-most likely looking for water since we didn't have a very wet spring.  This little guy was less than 10 minutes from our home.  I know these bears live up in the mountains and we see the coyotes regularly, but I have never seen the bears come around here.  Poor baby bear looks like he just wanted to get back home.

* I did not take this photo, it was shared in a Facebook group I am in and I was given permission to share...thanks, Pearl.


  1. Wow, that close up of the lizard is just amazing!Hey I think Kelsey is like a ladybug whisperer, I remember that other one on her...see, everyone loves Kelsey! Cool of the bear too! Thanks!

  2. That is quiet the variety of critters. Kelsey remember it's fun to chase a lizard, never a bear.

  3. OMD, I was going to say how cute all your critters were until that last one! Yikes!