Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Unhappy Helper

 Uncle Simon came over to play with Kelsey the other day, so we tried to get some great Christmas pictures.  
Hope they bring a smile or laugh to your day.

Awww.  Doesn't he look so sweet and precious here.  
Take a good look, because that's all we are going to get.

 Simon obviously had to show me how bored he was by this.
Or, maybe he was laughing at how hard I was working to try and take his pictures.

Looks like Uncle Simon had one too many.
(obviously he really didn't)

We have a winner!
Absolute Best Ever "Evil Eyes" Award Winner
Somebody obviously is not into dressing up and modeling for pictures (like Kelsey).

Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Little Turkey

 Kelsey had her own special Thanksgiving dinner.

Simon came over to feast with her.  
It took all his willpower to wait to eat. 

Mooommmm, she got more!

Kelsey displaying her infamous tongue.

 I don't eat much of the "Thanksgiving food," so Kelsey's grandma brought over some turkey, green beans, and a special gravy.
Thanks Grandma!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Party in 'Da Hood

 Okay, we saw this on a card and had to recreate it.  
Of course, Kelsey rocked this style.
Makes me smile every time I see it.

 She always has to sneak that little tongue into at least one picture.

 Kelsey was deciding whether or not she should pounce one of her favorite toys, a pumpkin.

 love how she is looking right at the camera

 my little fox

 curious puppy

time for bed

Friday, November 4, 2011

Pumpkin Party Pooper

 I am not getting any closer to this thing.

 Eeewwww! Do I have to touch it?

 I absolutely refuse to participate in this pumpkin thing, even if there is a cookie involved.  I am not going to look. I'm not going to look. . .

. . . well, maybe I'll take a quick peek for two cookies.

Finally got a decent picture out of her with a lot of cookie bribes.

 I still don't like these pumpkin things, Mom.
She did enjoy trying a bite of pumpkin.  It was apparently not good enough for her to get any closer to the pumpkins.  Her attitude about the pumpkins didn't get better after the pumpkins were carved.  Maybe next year we can get some better shots.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spooky Witch

Please don't forget to vote for Kelsey on Facebook on the Pampered Puppy page.  We have until November 6th.  More information in the post previous to this one.

This year, Kelsey dressed up as a witch for Halloween.  I didn't think she would go for the hat; but, we had never tried it before.  

She wore the hat very well.  She always amazes me!

She looks a little nervous here, but I can assure you that she was very excited about pictures (and cookies).  I think she was just getting used to the hat moving around on her head.

This monkey always has to throw one in of her over-the-shoulder modeling pose.

Are we done Mom?
Kelsey greeted our trick-or-treaters again this year.  She actually let them pet her, although she wasn't a huge fan of it.  She was a little weary of a toddler in a dinosaur costume.  But, at her height, he probably looked like a monstrous dinosaur to her.  Most of our kids this year were pretty young and got a bigger kick out of seeing her than getting their candy.