Friday, August 31, 2012

A Little Late

Silly me! I took these photos earlier this summer and then returned the camera to my mom...without  loading the pictures to my own computer.  So they are a little late, but still adorable.

 Tried to get Kelsey to do her over-the-shoulder look, but she just wasn't into it today.  Her little dress is so cute, but it was so hard to get a good picture.  She is so long that most dresses end up looking like a shirt on her.

 Absolutely love this one.  She has such a sweet face-and personality too.  This sweet little princess managed to catch herself two lizards last week.

Gotta have the summer shades.  
Thanks, Grandma.   

Friday, August 17, 2012

OMD It Rained!

Hooray!  All this horribly hot weather (often over 100F) was broken up for a few short minutes today by real, actual rain.  Okay, it wasn't that much rain, but we can hope for more and be thankful for what we got.  I absolutely l-o-v-e the rain.  The drops were large and dried up so quickly on the hot patio.  Kelsey even sat with me on the doorstep to watch (okay, maybe she was really watching for some flies to snag).  Some people have had full-on storms with downpours and hail...would love to see some of that.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Towel Thief

Okay, so it has been way too hot out here this past week.  Too hot to go out for pictures or walks.  Even with the heat, Kelsey still enjoys laying on the hot concrete; although, she can only take it for about 2 minutes since it has been over 100.  I have no patio chairs (yet), so I took a towel out to sit on.  As you can see, Kelsey claimed the towel before I even got the chance...that's how hot it is...she normally wants nothing to do with a towel outside.  Love that look she is giving me...Don't even think about taking my spot!