Saturday, April 21, 2012

There's that tongue again!

Little Miss Kelsey loves to get out for some cool, fresh air.  We enjoyed it while it lasted.
But, these last few days have just been way too hot for us.  We even had to use the a/c for awhile. 
Bring back the rain!

I love that Kelsey appears to be talking to me...
but she really just has her cookies stuck in her cheeks again.  This happens at least once a day (after a meal or after a good girl cookie).

My talented girl can do a clover tongue!
Don't worry, I helped her get the cookie loose.
My little monkey has learned to let me get the food loose for her, but don't you dare try and stick a toothbrush in there while you're at it.  She can wiggle herself right out.

All better!
Love her sweet face in this one.
Anyone have ideas for the tear stains?  I don't want to use anything too harsh on her.  We have tried washing them in the bath, using wipes, and giving her only distilled water...nothing helps.  We think it's environmental/seasonal allergies as her eyes get more weepy around the same times that she starts getting itchy.

And there goes that tongue again! 
She always seems to sneak that tongue in at least once.  She was really sneaky this time; I didn't see it until I had it on the computer.
My little stinker.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bunny Simon

Uncle Simon the Easter Bunny
rockin' the pink ears

I like to call him Kelsey's "manny."  
Kelsey is not a huge fan of being left home alone, so Simon comes over to "babysit" when I have to go out.  He has a nice, mellow personality to help her feel more at ease.  I wish you all could hear him "talk." He has a huge vocal repertoire.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

What is this thing?

Kelsey has a blast on her Easter egg hunt.
Each plastic egg had a little treat inside.

Kelsey is so fast at cracking the eggs open.
I had to actually "hide" the eggs this year and make her work for them.  Last year I just had them scattered in the grass.

I would lead her to the general area 
of the egg and let her do the rest.
*If you try this, do not leave any eggs laying around when you are done.  A dog can easily crack the plastic egg and cut themselves or even eat it.

Any more Mom?
Those eager puppy eyes have won me over and Kelsey has had several more egg hunts since Easter.  She loves hunting.  I have caught her several times going back to where eggs have been hidden before just to see if there might be more.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter

Kelsey got a new spring dress for Easter.
It has a really cute pink flower on the back that 
you can't see due to some major fluffiness
on Kelsey's part.

Kelsey wasn't sure about her Easter basket...

...until she smelled the yummy treats.
She wasn't interested in her toys because those treats smelled so yummy.
But today, she made some major progress with the butterfly toy from Grandma.  She already got one eye off.

Kelsey loves opening up Easter eggs.
You can see her treats hiding inside.
She was so good about letting me snap a few 
pictures first, since we have been working on
the "wait" command.

She is so fast at popping those eggs open.
I don't let her keep them though,
as they could get cracks and hurt her.

my precious little Easter bunny
This is one of the few pictures that I got of Kelsey with her ears.  She gets nervous about them falling off because they are a little loose.

We will be posting more Easter pics 
in the next few days.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cell Phone Pics...Not So Great but Oh So Cute

Okay...I know these pictures are very blurry, 
but that's what I get with my cell phone.
We just had to share them anyways.

Kelsey is not a big fan of me working.
Whenever I am working at the counter, she will sit and look at me with her puppy eyes as if she has been neglected for so long.  
I was trying to create a math lesson for a 
classroom observation she just would not 
give up with those puppy eyes.  So, I lifted 
her up and she decided to take a nap 
on my work.

Guardian of the Krispy Kremes

Girls' movie night!
Kelsey was ready to go with her 
3-D glasses and popcorn.

Kelsey went to one of the Bark in the Park baseball games.  She is a little bit food obsessed and all the food sights and smells drove her nuts.  She was very alert most of the time, but she also got in some snuggle time in my lap.

Apparently I need to teach her how to use a bed properly.  She absolutely loves playing peek-a-boo under the sheets or blankets.  But, there was no blanky available, so she used the next best thing.