Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cell Phone Pics...Not So Great but Oh So Cute

Okay...I know these pictures are very blurry, 
but that's what I get with my cell phone.
We just had to share them anyways.

Kelsey is not a big fan of me working.
Whenever I am working at the counter, she will sit and look at me with her puppy eyes as if she has been neglected for so long.  
I was trying to create a math lesson for a 
classroom observation she just would not 
give up with those puppy eyes.  So, I lifted 
her up and she decided to take a nap 
on my work.

Guardian of the Krispy Kremes

Girls' movie night!
Kelsey was ready to go with her 
3-D glasses and popcorn.

Kelsey went to one of the Bark in the Park baseball games.  She is a little bit food obsessed and all the food sights and smells drove her nuts.  She was very alert most of the time, but she also got in some snuggle time in my lap.

Apparently I need to teach her how to use a bed properly.  She absolutely loves playing peek-a-boo under the sheets or blankets.  But, there was no blanky available, so she used the next best thing.


  1. BOL! Brilliant photos, love the Krispy Kreme one!


  2. Hi Miss Walton, can I post the picture of Kelsey with the Krispy Kremes on Facebook? It's really funny and I want to show it to my friends.
    -Jasmine Tran

    1. Go ahead and have fun sharing. Just make sure you put a link to her page with the pic you are sharing so people know where to find more of her pics. Thanks for checking with me first. She still has the squeaky bone you gave her. She played with it yesterday.