Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Presents!

Merry Christmas from Kelsey 

Can I open it. . . please?
Kelsey waited so patiently for permission to open her presents.
Once she knew what to do, she tore threw almost all her presents in a matter of minutes. . . with no help.

Such a smart little girl.

Zuke's treats, two PetStages toys, three squeaky light bulbs, a pink baby Kong, a beehive with bees, an adorable sweater 

and a fox for my little fox

Kelsey also got to go with her Grandma to visit Santa at Ufuria this year.  She was pretty tense while Santa was holding her, but this picture is so sweet.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Christmas Dress

Kelsey's Christmas dress. . . a gift from her Grandma

Wow! Actually got one of her standing up. 

 showing off for the camera

You will be giving me a cookie for this. . .  right, Mom? 

 love this one

Did someone say cookies? 

 Doesn't she look so innocent?
I wrapped up one of her Christmas presents and she has been investigating it every day.  It contains no food items, but she knows it's hers.  I put it on the counter yesterday and she was looking all over for it today.

Not the best lighting here, 
but it was too funny to leave out. 

This is what happens when we run out of her Zuke's treats 
and have to use peanut butter instead.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Santa Baby

Kelsey is such a good girl about trying on hats.
She won't keep them on forever, but she will do it for pictures.

The hat is a little big because we picked it out for Tucker. . . 
but I couldn't resist getting some pics of her adorableness.

Kelsey is so putting on  her best sad puppy face here.  
She must be hoping Santa sees this one.

Could she possibly get any cuter?

LOVE this one!

my silly little monkey