Sunday, January 27, 2013


Somebody went and stole Mom's socks.  Wonder who it could be?  
Mom got some new socks the other day and had made a pile of the old ones.  If any of you know me, I love socks.  So, I thought that big old pile of socks that Mom was getting rid of was the best thing ever!

It was so cold today (or cold for a So Cal puppy).  I was shivering in my coat, and even needed a blanket.  Out of nowhere, it started raining this evening.  Then we got hail...lots.  And boy was it loud.  That was followed by quite the show of lightning and thunder.  I was curious, but luckily I was no chicken about all that noise.  Hope you are all staying warm and cozy.


  1. Those socks are for sure for you. I mean who else would they be for. You got rain, I got more snow, almost a foot of it. Keep warm sweet girl.

  2. I hope you stay warm. Snuggle up in all those socks.
    We are snuggling up by the fire on our first snow day :

  3. Kelsey, you did good. Those lightning storms can be pretty scary. Stay warm and dry cutie

    berts My Vickie