Thursday, December 27, 2012

Santa Came!

 I was a really good girl this year, so Santa filled my stocking.

This was gift was in my stocking.  I don't know if I had more fun opening it or playing with all my new toys.

It was a Tigger stuffed squeaky.  I was so excited about my new toy that Mom actually got an action shot of me!  Usually, I would rather just pose because I am a bit obsessed with the camera.
Santa also brought me some yummy gravy that I have been eating with my dinner.

 Last, Santa also brought me this really cool monkey bed (it's supposed to be a rug for a nursery).  It is very fluffy and puffy and more like a bed than a rug.  Just perfect for me.

OMD, I am such a lucky girl!  But, all those presents really wore me out.  I had to take a nap after all that excitement.


  1. I love love that bed!!! It looks so soft and warm. I am getting sleeping just looking at it. And the Tiger squeaky is GREAT! Yes you were a very good girl.

  2. Oh my goodness that is one great looking monkey bed. It's just the perfect size for you. Your mom is very resourceful :) We like tigger too!!

  3. Kelsey...You are so CUTE! I love that monkey bed. If I had that as a rug, I'm quite confident I would trip over it and hurt myself.

  4. OMD, the monkey bed/rug is soooooo awesome!! :-D Wowwee, I just love it! Your new Tigger toy is pretty awesome too!! How fun! I love stockings...don't you??! :-D

  5. Oh My Cuteness! I love love the pictures of Kelsey on the adorable monkey bed. How perfect is that!