Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Gift Exchange

When I woke up Christmas morning, I found all this just for me!  Mom says that I was a super good girl this year.

Bella, from The Royal Coonhounds, sent me some wonderful gifts.  I unwrapped them all with only a little help from Mom.

My first present was a bag of super yummy sirloin burger treats.  Mom let me try them right away and I think you can tell from the photo that I loved them.  And, they are the perfect size for me.

My next package was this bag of bedtime biscuits. Bella sure can pick good treats because I love having a cookie before bedtime.   

Can you believe I also got this super cool Rudolph toy?!  I like how he is so floppy so I can shake him around.  I have already started chewing on his nose and antlers.  I ended up snuggling him for my after present naptime.

Thank you so much Bella for all of these amazing presents.  I absolutely love them all.  Mom really likes the beautiful card too.

I am one happy pup with all my presents.  We also want to thank Jazzi's mom for organizing this super fun gift exchange.  I can't wait to show you all the other good stuff I got.


  1. Super yummy treats and a red nosed reindeer?!!! You were a good girl indeed. Love your little snicker in the last photo.

  2. Oh wow Kelsey, you got such awesome toys and treats for Christmas!! :-D I love Whole Life treats (especially their chicken!!), I haven't tried the sirloin before, but I bet they taste deliciously!! Have fun playing with Rudolph, he looks crazy fun!! :-D

  3. Hi Kelsey,
    IT sure looks like you were on Santas "Good List"
    I really like the Rudolph stuffy.
    Hope the rest of your day was as great
    as the beginning.


  4. Glad you liked your presents!! Although you look to be losing patience with all the pictures there at the end!. Tell mom toys are for playing with, not posing with!! LOL