Friday, December 28, 2012

Gifts from Mom

 Can you believe how many presents I opened this year?  Like Mom said before...I was a super good girl this year.  She said I deserved every present.

The first package from Mom was a pack of these yummy treats.  I had a free sample last year and pretty much went nuts over them.  The bacon smell gets me pretty good.  Mom likes to break one cookie up and hide the pieces while I sit and wait patiently.  Then, she says, "Okay," and I go and find all the pieces.  I'm getting better about not getting too hyper...I am learning that if I am calm and use my nose, I can find the treats better.

This was my other gift from Mom.  You may remember that I got one of these last Christmas, only it was a beehive with three little bees.  I play with that toy all the time.  I love the challenge.

This one is a birdhouse with three little birds.  I have played with this toy everyday since I got it.  The little blue bird in front came with a broken squeaker.  The company is going to send us a replacement bird for free so we don't have to send my whole toy back...I couldn't stand letting go of this toy.

I make mom put my birds back in the birdhouse several times a day so I can take them out again.  Then, I like to roll around with the birds.  Mom says I look like an otter because I like to be on my back while I hold the toy between my paws.  She hasn't been able to catch that photo yet.


  1. I sure like that bird house!!

  2. Ooooo I love your new birdie toy!! :-D I don't think they would make it one day in my house though! ;-) Nice of the company to send you a new one!! Have fun eating bacon!!!

  3. What a cute toy! You're a lucky girl--your momma really loves you we can tell(and we think that's a wonderful thing :) Happy weekend.