Friday, February 22, 2013

More Birthday Sharing

These were my party favors for my friends.  Isn't it so cool that one even had my name.  We ordered them from Le Woof and they are peanut butter flavored.  Yum!

This was my 3rd birthday cake.  It smelled and looked good enough for the humans to eat.  We also got this from Le Woof.  They were kind enough to deliver it to us.

 Mom let me sneak a taste of my cake!

I loved licking my birthday candles clean.

Then, I got to open presents.

As you can see, I am pretty much a pro.

Mom got me 2 new outfits, a new toy, and more peanut butter Zuke's (you can never have enough of those treats).

Mom caught me being a party animal.  Usually, I end up with the hat hanging upside down eventually, but I somehow managed to balance it off of my nose this time.  


  1. Wow, you did it up right! I love it! Kelsey looks pretty darn happy!!!! What a great Mom!!!

  2. Kelsey...Those cookies and your cake take your party to an even higher level of cuteness (and it was already pretty darn high). Adorable! You have a super wonderful mom for making your day so special...I'll bet you already know that.

  3. Your birthday is just getting better and better. I could almost taste that cake. YUMMMMM Yumm I say.

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  5. O hai! U can win the Liebster Award from me. Thanks. :) Here it is for u, if u want. :)

  6. I LOVE the birthday pictures. She looks like she had a blast and so does Bella. The themed party goodies are pretty dang cute, love the pics with the balloons! Dixie, Simon and Tucker loved their cake and special personalized cookies. Thanks for sharing with them. Love, Grandma