Thursday, February 21, 2013

Birthday Party

 So, I am a few days behind on posts, but I have so many great pictures to share over the next few days.  Our friends, Julie, Tony, and Bella came over one evening to help celebrate Kelsey's 3rd birthday.  All those little boxes are for the doggie cakes that we gave to Kelsey's friends.

Bella (who just turned 2) helped Kelsey blow out her birthday candles.

Somebody was excited to have her very own cupcake!

Kelsey had her own piece of doggie cake and managed to eat it all in one big gulp.

I don't know who had more fun with the treats, Bella or Kelsey?  And, I am so excited because Bella can now say Kelsey's name.  Too cute.

Tony is Kelsey's new BFF.  She loves him and will even ask to be picked up.  This is a huge improvement from the timid little girl I adopted from the shelter 3 years ago.

Tony, Julie, and Bella gave Kelsey some wonderful gifts too.  She loves her Zuke's treats and was so eager to play with her new toy that night.  I want to thank Julie and Tony for helping to make Kelsey's birthday so fun and special.


  1. What a fun party!! Little Bella is so cute with Kelsey. P.s. those pupcakes look yummy :)

  2. Bella is beautiful! I think Kelsey is one lucky pup too! Happy Birthday!!!!!

  3. That is a great party for sure. Yummy cupcakes, sweet little girls, and friends. Doesn't get much better than that.

  4. What a lovely party, Kelsey! I'll bet Bella remembers this special party all her life. You got some wonderful presents and, as always, you look stunning.

  5. Excellent party!! Love the pics. Lots of wonderful memories for everyone, I am sure!