Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Getting Excited and New Tricks

Last week, Kelsey got her first Christmas card.  She was very interested and actually sniffed each dog's picture on the card.  Yesterday, she received three more cards and her present for the gift exchange from Bella at The Royal Coonhounds.  Kelsey knows that this package is for her.  The plan was to wait until closer to Christmas to open the gift, but we may cheat and open it sooner.  I caught Kelsey licking the package and even nibbling the corners.  She has never nibbled on a package before.  So, I may give in and let her open it early (but, we have to wait until we can borrow Grandma's camera so we can get some decent pictures to share).

And now, for another not so high quality video with mysteriously vanishing and reappearing sound (sometimes the sound is there and sometimes it magically disappears) to share with you all.  The other night, I decided to see if I could teach Kelsey to jump over something.  She pretty much nailed it by the third try.  So we then tried going under something and she nailed that too.  The next afternoon we decided to give it another try to see if she actually remembered her new tricks and she did.  She sometimes jumps the gun and tries to guess what I am going to tell her to do, but other than that, she can do both tricks. I tried to capture it on video, but holding treats in one hand, the camera in the other and trying to keep one leg up as her obstacle was a bit tricky. 


  1. Kelsey you are SO clever...jump AND under, you got those tricks nailed!

  2. Wowee, congrats on mastering some hard tricks so quickly Kelsey! :-D You should totally join me in agility class in the New Year!! Hehe, get your Mom to open the package early...give her the puppy dog sad eyes!! ;-D

  3. Wowzers are the smartest dog on the block! I recieved my gift exchange also but my MOM put it way up in the mystery closet so I don't think I will get mine early. And I think the video was great. Your mom is very talented.

  4. Hye Kelsey, that was some great jumping. I like to jump too but sometimes I just end up jumping up and smacking My Vickie in the face.

    Its great getting those Christmas Cards isn't it? And you already got your Christmas Exchange Present. Way cool

    We have Finn and we got his present but we are not sending it for a few more days.

    Can't wait to see more pictures of you jumping.

  5. Hey Kelsey, nice to meet you...dis is Puddles.
    I REALLY thinks your mom should gives in and lets you open your package...hehehe.
    I can't sees da video on dis browser so I'll has to come back to sees it.

    I LOOOOOOOOVE gettin' Christmassy cards cuz my peeps hasn't gotted none so far.