Thursday, November 29, 2012

Busy Girl

I know the lighting in these pics is not has been raining and it is super gray today.

Yesterday, we went to the pet store and picked out our gift for the Christmas exchange.  Then, we visited with the neighbors.  I was so so proud of Kelsey-she climbed into the neighbor's lap all on her own and she even kissed the toddler.  I am so happy that she is learning to trust others.

Then, Grandma came today to loan us the camera. We tried doing some Christmas pictures, but there was just not enough light.  We will have to try again another day.

Look what I got for being so good!
We had to go to the other pet store today.  While we were there, we noticed that the grooming department only had one dog and the nice groomer was there.  So, we stopped in and got Kelsey's nails done.  She had a stressful experience with a guy that was working there last time and several large and growly dogs came in while we were, we are really careful to only go when it's empty and when there is a good groomer.  Kelsey did so well, so she got two new toys.

And shhhh, don't tell Kelsey-I did some Christmas shopping when she wasn't looking.  I found some toys and a box of cookies too.  After the pet store, we drove through Taco Bell for an early dinner treat.  The girls that work there always get a kick out of seeing her.  And now, Kelsey is passed out in her bed, all snuggled up with her blankie.


  1. Aw, that sounded like a nice girl's afternoon out; getting your nails done, doing a little shopping, and having some appetizers! :-D Good job Kelsey for being so awesome with your neighbors!

  2. What a great day, even if it was grey out. I like your little stuffie friend. You have a good sleep little one.