Thursday, October 25, 2012


What is Kelsey looking at?

Can you see him?

 It's a squirrel in my yard, Mom!
(she is soooo cute in this one)

I blinked my eyes and he was gone.
Where could he have gone?

There he is again!

I will faithfully guard our yard 
from that squirrel.

So, lately the wall in our yard has become home to all different types of wildlife and I have to check the yard before taking Kelsey out (don't want her catching something nasty from one of the little critters or being targeted by that big old hawk).  This squirrel definitely has Kelsey intrigued though.  She will just sit and watch for it, but she didn't try to chase it away.  It came back to the same spot today.


  1. Squirrel watch is very important! As long as it stays on the wall OK. But any closer could be a problem.

  2. Replies
    1. Kelsey got some even better pics this morning. Can't wait to share with you.