Friday, October 26, 2012


 So, our little squirrel friend came back again for the third morning in a row.  He comes back to the same exact spot each time.  
I think it's probably a baby, based upon its size.

Kelsey is not sure what to think about it.  She watched it, but does not bark.  But, you can see how curious this squirrel is about what she is doing.  I do not let her get too close.

 Later that morning, this is what we saw!
This is the guy that was eating his breakfast exactly a week ago at the same time.  He stayed for about an hour and a half this time.

 He is absolutely gorgeous and looks HUGE in person!  He didn't mind the humans watching him or the dog barking at him in the next yard.  I think he is a red tail hawk.

My neighbor noticed something in his claws.  
So, I zoomed in on the picture and can see a gray, bushy tail.  I was really hoping that he caught a rat, but I don't think that's what he was eating for breakfast today.

Later in the afternoon, some official-looking people with id badges were looking in the backyard and pointing to the spot where he had been.  Not sure who they were.  On another note, there was yet another squirrel there in the evening, so I'm thinking there is a whole family of them hiding out in that yard.  We don't have huge yards here.  We usually just see wildlife just passing through, not staying.


  1. That Hawk is incredible! And I have to admit that I thought the squirrel photos were cute. But I think the Hawk had squirrel for dinner. It is cool to sit back and just watch isn't it?

    1. I loved watching the hawks...they seem so huge when you first see them.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment concerning the "boots". Can you believe we live on a farm and don't have ONE squirrel!!! Your Kelsey is a cutie and makes me smile.