Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Have I ever mentioned that Kelsey is a toy hoarder?  She absolutely loves her soft, squeaky toys.  And, she is not content to just play with one.    She has an upstairs and a downstairs toy basket that overflows with these things.  She loves pulling them all out and scattering them around the room just as much as she loves actually playing with them.

Of course, she has to have some monkey toys.
This is one of her favorite toy poses...rear end in the air.

When I first adopted Kelsey, she wanted nothing to do with her toys.  In fact, she was completely scared by these squeaky toys.
Now, she can't get enough of them.

 And this is her absolute favorite toy pose.  She loves to be on her back and holding her toy with her paws up in the air.  She loves to nibble at them and roll with them.  So cute.  This was hard to capture on camera...she loves pictures so much she always drops the toy to see the camera before I can snap a shot.

 Upside down is a good place to be.

Kelsey's Grandma got her all these new toys.  It is so funny because she gets so excited when she gets a new toy.  She runs, pounces, and makes little grumbly noises.

Nap time!

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