Friday, May 4, 2012

Sweet Puppy

Ok, I know I'm her mommy, but I think she might just be the cutest puppy out there.
That little bow just looks so cute on her...thanks cousin Brenda.

Can't a dog get some peace and quiet here? 

 Kelsey had a great visit with my cousin...wish I had snapped some photos.  Brenda is the first person that Kelsey bonded with right away.  Brenda brought her dog, Southpaw, and Kelsey never even grumbled at him.  She even tried to get him to play.  Hope they can visit again.

 Love the expression on this one.
Kelsey learned a new trick over the past few days...roll over.  She is so cute and loves to be speedy with those rolls.  She has also gotten so good at not touching food until I give her release command.
What should she learn next?

She is such a sweetie and I am thankful everyday that she is here with me.
Still can't imagine who could have 
abandoned/hurt such a sweet, mellow, and 
smart girl.

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