Sunday, May 27, 2012

Catching Up With Kelsey

Kelsey has been slacking off lately.
Here is what she has been up to...
 She watched a fire from upstairs.  It was in an industrial-type area.  Wooden pallets and rubber glad we could not smell this one.

 Lots of time being a couch potato...
and remote control hog.
She seriously did this on her own.

even more time catching up on her beauty sleep

 It takes a lot of work to stay this beautiful.

 taking a bath since the weather has warmed up

 What a stinker!
I did not see her do this until I looked at 
all the pics on my computer.  
I guess we all know what Kelsey thinks of baths.

Mom, can I please be done now?

Drying off on Mom's freshly cleaned blankets.
This was the only one that turned out...she was rolling and nose-diving so much, that all the pics came out blurry, even when I had the "action" mode set on the camera.

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