Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pupcake Time

Kelsey had an adorable pupcake 
for her 2nd birthday 
(from Le Woof dog bakery).
We LOVE those sprinkles.

 Kelsey was not sure if it was okay to dive in.
She asked for permission...what a sweetie.

 She tried to gently lick it.  
When it fell over, she just stared at me 
and waited for some direction.
But, I think she could have licked 
that frosting all day!

Awwww.....sweet Simon. 
Doesn't he look so cute in his party hat?

Apparently the party hat is just too heavy for Kelsey's little head (not). 
Hard work being a diva.

Can we say, "Cookies?!"

This year Kelsey gave out adorable heart-shaped cookies as her party favors 
(also from Le Woof).
She had white ones and pink ones and sprinkly ones.  Our favorite said "Paws & Licks" instead of hugs & kisses.

 Kelsey loved tearing into her birthday gift. 
She got a new stuffed, squeaky, puppy dog toy.

 And of course my little girl needs a nap 
after all this excitement.


  1. Aww Kelsey you are such a good girl! If my little ones saw that yummy pupcake it would disappear in seconds!

    1. She gulped her cake down but was a little unsure of the pupcake. It had a different kind of frosting. She thought she was just supposed to lick it.