Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kelsey is Two!

Apologies in advance.  We did not have great weather for an outdoor party this year.  I had to do her pictures inside with what little light came through the window.

These are pictures of Kelsey and friends with her cake.  We will post some more party pics next time.

 This is Kelsey's way cute birthday cake.  
Love the fancy writing.

 My good little monkey.
That cake was so tempting; but, she let me take some pictures first.
And that adorable hat was made just for her 
by her Grandma!

Kelsey had some decorations this year.  
She is not fond of balloons, but she did okay with them this time.

 If I smile really big can I eat it?

We caught Kelsey sampling the yummy frosting when she thought we weren't looking.
I let her have at it because she had been so good.

 That tongue says it all.
She loved her cake!
See that smudge on the bottom, right side of the cake-that's where she sampled it.

And here's Simon.  Look at that monster mouth trying to gulp up his cake in one bite.

This one cracks me up.  They were all beyond excited to dig into the cake.  They all went at it so fast.  I love how Kelsey has pushed her plate under Dixie and Simon was following right behind.

(Tucker on the left; Kelsey in the front; Dixie is the big one eating over Kelsey; Simon is hiding in the back)


  1. I love the one where she's smiling! Wish I could have been there...Southpaw too!

  2. Wish you two could have been here too!