Monday, September 28, 2015

Girls Rule!

Caught Kelsey snuggling her dolphin after playtime.  Too sweet!

My adorable little Monkey modeling her latest outfit.
"Girls Rule" says it all.

Got to get a head shot in there too.
This Monkey needs a modeling job...anyone have connection for Southern California?


  1. She's just adorable in that outfit!

  2. kelsey, you were born to model. would you like to model something for kibbles place? what size do you wear? i believe we both live in the same general vicinity (rancho area?). we could meet up or i could mail you a couple of things. let me know!
    wags, bailey unleashed

    1. That sounds like fun. We could definitely meet up. Kelsey sometimes wears small and sometimes medium. She has a long body, but she's skinny.