Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Trip to the V-E-T!

Kelsey did not believe me when I told her that 
v-e-t spelled cookies.

Kelsey is a big chicken, but she did very well this time.  She wanted to be held, for the most part, but she actually asked to jump down and explore once we got into the exam room.

I was so pleased that even though she was nervous, she was brave enough to explore.  It is a big leap from the scared puppy that I adopted.

She listened carefully to any noise outside the door.  She was very timid for the vet, but did pretty well.  She didn't even flinch for her rabies shot.  Almost everything checked out well.  She has a pinpoint cataract in one eye that the vet says we will just watch (but the vet believes she was most likely born with it).  While waiting to pay, a lady found the cookie jar on the counter and got one while she was waiting for them to bring her pup out.  Kelsey got so excited but then was confused when the lady wasn't getting the cookie for her.  So, I had to get he a good girl cookie too (the dogs I grew up with would not take treats in stressful situations, Kelsey almost always will and it often helps loosen her up).

Had to share a funny pic.  Kelsey was not by my side when I was having a snack, which is very unusual.  When I looked down, she was on the coffee table, just hanging out, waiting for crumbs.  Sneaky little monkey!
And guess whose birthday it is tomorrow?! 
We are very excited!

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  1. Kelsey glad all went well at the blood stealers and we say you are one brave pup. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly