Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

So, this is how my Valentine's Day started.
Really, Mom?  Don't you love me enough to skip my bath today?

Then, a lady came by so we could donate some towels, some of my toys, and some cute little stuffed animals to a doggie rescue.  While we were  outside, we checked the mail and found this (I L♥VE opening the mail)!  It was sent to me from my grandparents.

Grandma and Grandpa sent me a new dress for Valentine's Day!  It fits so perfectly and looks lovely too.  Mom says I could pick up a cute guy in this outfit.
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

♡ Kelsey ♡


  1. Whew! Kelsey, I thought your Valentine's Day was going to be TERRIBLE based on that first picture! I see that it got much better and that dress is beautiful! Happy Valentine's Day, Kelsey!

  2. oh no, it's valentine's day, not bath day! oh well, what's done is done. you look beautiful in your new dress.
    happy valentine's day!
    wags, bailey

  3. Awwww!! You look beautiful for Valentine's Day Kelsey!! What a great gift! Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day! :-D

  4. A bath for Valentines Bath?!!! Oh well. But I'd say that the dress more than makes up for it. You look beautiful. Your mom better watch out the doggies will be braking down you door. Happy Valentines Day.

  5. Hard work being beautiful right?! Happy Valentines!

  6. grandpa and grammys are pretty special and that dress is to die for!!! My girlz got a box from grammy today too!! full of yummy treats.

  7. Wow, gran and grandpa sure know what look good on you. You're pretty as a daisy!

  8. OMG! That bath picture is priceless! Grandma