Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter in So Cal

Mom made me go out in the rain and pose for a pic right after it hailed.  Is she nuts?  But I am a pro and got it done in one try.  That patio was a little cold on my tush though; so, I refused to sit down all the way.  Good thing we don't have snow.

We are both fed up with the news...they go on and on about this being such a huge storm.  It's called winter, get over it, we need the rain.


  1. Yea, it's winter get over it. BOL! Right now it is snowing like you would not believe. It's suppose to continue until Saturday. The snow is deeper right now than you are tall. And I know I said it before but, I don't like going out in the rain either. But I don't mind the snow.
    Keep warm.

  2. It's been raining here all day....we love it!! Not the going out in it but, the wonderful moisture. Suppose to get really cold here in the next few days. guess gracie will be needing her sweater!! Have a great weekend.

  3. Hehehe! :-D So true about everyone in California, they complain when we don't get wet and cold weather and then complain when we do get it! ;-) Can't please anyone! Gorgeous picture Kelsey, even if it was raining!

  4. Unfortunately, your momma got a super cute picture so she'll probably try this again.

  5. no one wants a frozen patootie!