Monday, January 14, 2013

New Friend and It's Freezing

Last night, Mom and I went over to our friend, Julie's house.  We got to see her working on her awesome bows.  Last time I was there, I met this cute little kitty, Abbi.  We were both interested in each other.  This time, we actually got nose to nose and sat for a picture together.  Mom is still in shock about this because the first time I saw a kitty, I barked and then ran in the opposite direction.  Now, I like to scare the kitties off my back wall, but I am still scared if they want to come to me.  But, Abbi is different.  On our short walk home, the winds were super duper strong and made it feel icy.

 It turns out it actually was icy.  This is the fountain out by the pool.  Can you see the icicles?  Those lions look pretty angry to be that cold.

This is not the norm for So Cal.  But, I didn't get to see the icicles because there is some lame rule that says that doggies can't go by the pool.

Luckily, our yard is a little sheltered from the wind, so I can go out and soak up the sun there.  


  1. I love the photo of you sitting with the kitty. They are not so bad, well some of them. Keep warm friend. It's rather cold here too. Last night it was -7 and now it is 7 degrees. It is a bit chilly out there. But now the sun is shining.

  2. i'm in so cal too! the weather report claims we'll be back in the 70's by wednesday. i'm keeping my paws crossed but i'll believe it when i see it!
    wags, bailey

  3. Oh my goodness, that fountain's icicles are beautiful!! My two birdie baths have been frozen over at night and in the morning too...but they don't have such awesome ice formations! I hope that your So Cal weather starts to warm up real soon though!! :-D I love your kitty friends!!