Thursday, December 6, 2012


This is my package from Bella at The Royal Coonhounds.  We had not taken it out of the box because Mom did not have the good camera and she insisted on documenting my first gift exchange.

 I have been sniffing this box for days, but I managed to keep my nibbling under control.  I just knew it was for me.

 Yeah!  I can finally get my nose in this box.

There are 3 presents in here...and a card too!  
I tried ripping into them, but Mom said that I have to wait a little longer.  I am interested in all of them, but the big one is pretty fascinating to me.
Oh, and I have been getting lots of cards in the mail (and a few emails too).  I like to sniff each card as Mom opens them and reads them to me.  I wonder when she well let me rip into my presents...


  1. You are just going to love it, I just know it. But waiting can be so hard.

  2. Oh, I have to wait too!! I got my present from Daisy Mae (Bella's Sis) and my mom said I have to wait til're lucky, my mom hasn't even let me open the box--at least you've done that. Now how many days til Christmas??

    Gracie at my girlz got paws!!

    P.s. hope you got our card :)

  3. Ha!! Now I'm sure that was not too nice. She let you open the box but not the presents?? That has to make waiting even harder!


    1. I had fun just opening the box and getting my nose in it. I think Mom is going to give in and let me open them sooner than Christmas because I have been a really good girl.