Monday, November 5, 2012

Smoke and Wind Again

So we had yet another fire along with the Santa Ana winds.  For quite awhile the smoke was being blown right over our home.  We even had ash raining down on us.  

This picture turned out kind of neat....just some lingering smoke left from the shifts in the wind.  We opted to not go out for a drive to get was way too hot for Kelsey (and me) and my allergies were already acting up.  It looks like they already have made significant progress as there is very little smoke now.


  1. So crazy, you guys! Our mom used to live near Malibu Canyon and she remembers the hot Santa Ana winds accompanied by smoke :(
    Joules & Prescott

    1. Yeah...we live right where the winds are really bad. We lost a huge window when I was little and a neighbor lost a chimney. It is a common sight here to see several trucks on the freeway tipped over too. This time, a neighbor had a truck bed liner in their front yard.