Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday Mischief: Praying Mantis

Sorry about the quality...everything was done at night.
This year, Kelsey has been having a ton of fun at night.  There have been many creatures out to play with.  This is one of the praying mantises she found.  Don't worry, she doesn't kill them.  She just enjoys chasing and playing with them.

I love this one...nose to nose.

This is Kelsey playing with one of her praying mantis friends.  When she jumps, it is not hurting her...she does that every time he moves his arms.  


  1. Praying Mantises are so cool. It's to cold around here for them now, but I look forward to the summer when they will come back. Happy Monday.

  2. Nice hopping! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. WE love the praying mantis too. My Vickie never lest me get that close to them though. I think she is afraid I'll eat them before I figure out they are living beings. Sometimes I eat before I think.
    Hope you had a nice Thursady