Friday, September 21, 2012

Wag Time

This was Kelsey's day, until...

 ...the doorbell rang and she found this surprise.

 She circled the box several times with her nose.
At this point, she knows it's for her.  I had to be careful with the scissors because she had her sweet face right in there the whole time.

 Yay! Kelsey won't starve.  
Yesterday, we read about how Bailey ordered her food from and they had really fast shipping.  Since Kelsey was just about out of food and I have not been up to going out, this seemed perfect.  So, we ordered Thursday afternoon and it was here Friday afternoon!  If you order $50 in product, you automatically get this free, super fast shipping.  So, we got a bag of food, a much needed new brush, and many treats...don't worry, they aren't all for her.  We ordered some for her friends too.

Thanks for the tip, Bailey.

Also, when I signed up, they gave me a code to share WIND5371.  If you use this code, you get 10% of your first order (it's for new customers only).


  1. hey, thanks for the mention! i'm glad wag worked out for you. isn't their overnight shipping the absolute best?!?
    wags, bailey

  2. Man o man! looks like you had a blast!


    1. Kelsey had so much fun. Now she thinks everything that gets delivered is filled with cookies for her.