Wednesday, March 21, 2012


At this moment I have no access to a camera.
So, I thought I would post some old favorites of
my little monkey for now.

This photo was taken by my mom
and is one of my absolute favorites.
It was within the first few days of when 
I adopted Kelsey.  
She just looks so sweet and innocent.
And I love the way the sun is shining on her.

Kelsey loves to nap on top of the couch, 
in the sunshine.
...especially if I open the window 
for some fresh smells.

Kelsey has spent so much time here
that the cushion has taken the shape of a bed.


  1. Old pictures are someimtes the best pictures!! She is a wonderful girl!!

  2. Hi! New follower here via the WW Blog Hop. Nice to meet you! Stop on by and see us and be our fur-iend!