Friday, January 6, 2012

Pretty in Pink

Kelsey is such a lucky little girl.  Her Aunt Marylin custom made her this beautiful, pink sweater while she was here visiting.

She even made a ruffly collar for my girly-girl.

No, Kelsey didn't lose a leg.
She's standing on the leg in the right side of the picture and getting ready to hold her other paw up for a "shake" to try and get some more cookies out of me.
I absolutely love her sweet, yet focused eyes on this one.

She was such a perfect little model.  
We finally got some more Zuke's treats and she was so ready to work for them.
Kelsey even made two new friends.  She let Aunt Marylin and Cousin Brenda scratch her tummy.  Then, she played with Brenda.  First time that she has been so engaged with someone other than her  mommy or grandparents.

Definitely one of my favorites.  
She was very concerned about the rustling bushes in the next yard.  Those puppies must have heard we were giving out cookies and she was not about to share.

Okay, so we finally made it through one set of pictures without seeing that tongue.  But, she still had to be a ham.
"You have got to be kidding me, Mom!"-Kelsey

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  1. Kelsey looks gorgeous and pretty in pink. Do you have a pattern to make her jacket? I would like to make one for my dog. My email address is