Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday!

 Kelsey made a birthday wish before digging in.

 This puppy cake looks yummy!  
Kelsey was so patient and such a good girl to wait until pictures were done to eat.  Le Woof Bakery and Boutique in Yorba Linda made her cake.  It turned out so cute and the puppies thought it was delicious.

 Kelsey got to dig into the frosting before the other puppies.

 Dixie had so much fun; it looks like she is smiling.

 Tucker wore his pink party hat with pride.

 There's always one clown in the bunch (Simon).

 the family portrait

 The cake was gone in seconds.

 Kelsey opened her own birthday present (a pink, crinkly doughnut).

Kelsey's nickname is "monkey," which explains her birthday theme.  We got these fresh-baked dog cookies for her party favors (also from Le Woof).  Kelsey's Grandma made the cute toppers for the treats.

 Kelsey had a special "pupcake" for her first birthday.  I love this picture.

 I think this one speaks for itself.  She was one tired party animal.

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